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An Integrative Approach to Personal Transformation

Dr. Denise E. Hall (Psy.D.) CCC.RRP

Occupational Health Specialist,


Vocational Consultant

“When I let go of what I am I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu

Finding Clarity and Direction in Uncertain Times

Like a lotus flower
we too have the ability
to rise from the mud,
and bloom out of the darkness
and radiate into the world.

I love this quote it speaks to the innate possibility for us to seek the light in the darkness and transform into a beautiful and radiant being.  As a therapist, I bring my experience and integrative practice and can support you in your journey into clarity, light, direction and peace. My approach is to help clients recover their inner knowing and become directors of their life. I have worked with a diversity of people, ages, ethnicities and orientations, occupations, and life issues.
At this time I am focusing on counselling for clients who are needing help to navigate changing and uncertain times in their life or are feeling stuck in their preset circumstances. Whether you are wanting to make life changes in relationships, considering changing jobs, preparing for job interviews, dealing with overwhelming stress, have barriers and limitations in their present life or work and need support in making decisions.  I also address sexual harassment or bullying in the workplace, work and life stress management, help develop insight and skills in dealing with workplace conflict and/or dysfunctional work settings. Extended health plans cover my fees under clinical counselling. If this approach fits for you call me at 604-562-9130 or email at drdenisehalltherapist@gmail.com. Please check out my articles and blogs on this site, and http://www.ravenvocationalconsulting.ca

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